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Innovation in Community Colleges & IPEDS Updates - Shared screen with speaker view
Paul Gaston
It would be good to know how “job focused” is defined.
Paul Gaston
“That other stuff” can offer a clear focus on employability.
Richard Romano
but all this noncredit data is headcount, not FTE
Holly Zanville
Are military benefits in self paid?
jef st
Do you have a cost estimate?
Fantastic overview. Our college:state participated in the survey and found this to not only be a helpful process to go through, but also to have this data/story in national context.
Patrick Lane
Great presentation. Thank you! I was struck by the state variation in non-credit students as a % of total. Could you talk more about what might be behind that?
Phil Long
Did the issue of stackable certificates (non-credit) or stackable credentials (credit side) emerge as a strategic interest?
Jeff Grann - Credential Engine
Becky Klein-Collins
Great study! One clarification question: The one slide about whether students could "leverage their prior learning" -- what is this referring to exactly? Did the question ask specifically about CPL/PLA opportunities, or was the question more about whether there were articulations between the noncredit and credit side of the house?
Phil Long
+1 @Becky Klein-Collins
Jim Fong
We've done some research and I think the chicken and the egg thing is true regarding stackables. Lots of adults don't know what they don't know. We as institutions do not market stackability and therefore adults don't know it exists. When they are presented with the concept, interest is there. There's a bit more on credit certificates stacking into degrees. I do agree that noncredit to credit pathways being stackable as aspiration. Not a question to the speaker. Just my random thoughts.
Patrick Lane
Thanks for the great discussion...unfortunately I have to jump off for another call. Take care.
Kermit Kaleba
I also need to drop off, thanks as always to NCRN for these great webinars
This is great stuff. Thank you to NCRN and the presenters. I need to drop off now.
Robert Lerman
Will the headcount involve people in both credit and noncredit
Richard Romano
remedial presents a problem. Academic depts. offer remedial English, math, etc that don't count toward the degree but do count for financial aid as part of load and do get reported to IPEDS as enrollment.
Phil Long
When in doubt, press <esc> ;-)
Robert Lerman
Have you thought about having a category in which the courses are related instruction as part of an apprenticeship?
jef st
Thanks for all the hard work!! well appreciated in the field!!
Louis Jacobson
Echoing Bob Lerman -- it would seem that you need to have information on the proportion credit/non-credit for students who are primarily credit, but partly non-credit & primarily non-credit, but partly credit.
Jim Fong
The categories and criteria seem to make sense. Thank you. I think the bigger challenge is the incentive and ability for the institution to collect the data. One example is Land Grant X is so decentralized that there are hundreds of noncredit programs offered to professionals and the adult learner. When my team found this data and organized it, Land Grant X was surprised. They didn't realize they had so much going on. They also didn't realize that many academic units were in a sense offering similar programs and literally competing one another. Again, just an observation. Credit data is captured through institutional research and other ways, but noncredit data is the wild west. Many institutions don't have the central repository. Again, not a question, just an observation from my perspective.
jef st
gotta run, have a good day all!!
Andrew Hanson
Hear, hear. This work is so exciting — thanks to you both for the meaningful progress you’ve made with this work!
Jim Fong
Thank you all and I apologize for getting here late and leaving early. I appreciate everything you do and the nuggets I am learning. Unfortunately, we are having our virtual conference on marketing today and over the next few days. I have to drop off. Wish you all well.
Mark D'Amico
Thank you, Tamar, for the additional attention on noncredit. And Tara, for taking these important steps toward noncredit data in IPEDS--so, needed!
Carrie Samson (she/her)
Thank you so much for sharing your work with us!
Phil Long
Thanks for this overview of critical work. Shared data definitions may be dry, but without it we’re toast.
Melissa Goldberg
Thank you both for sharing such important information with us!
Artem Gulish
thank you!
Tingting Zhang
Great session. Thank you all!
Tara Lawley
Than you all!
Tara Lawley