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Climate and Health Research Seminar - Shared screen with speaker view
Ronda Seifert
My biggest concern is that our global emissions are not just staying stable, but actually increasing (and there are tipping points on the horizon). I appreciate that we will work on carbon emission reductions in the healthcare sector, but the most critical piece in terms of our future, our children’s future, the future of vulnerable populations, is rapidly reducing global emissions. How will we make a meaningful difference when our emissions are increasing and the US still does not have an overall plan in place for rapidly reducing emissions?
uni blake
Will the slides be made available?
Nitish Dogra
Great presentation....it would be really great if the methods of vulnerability assessment are internationally harmonized
Brenda Trejo
Dr. Balbus, I didn't see or hear you identify as part of vulnerable communities. Top down approach is what leads people to think that COVID-19 exposed health inequities but oppressed communities have always been aware of this, including climate and health scholars from vulnerable communities. How are communities leading these initiatives you described and how does your positionality inform their engagement?
Rebecca Rehr
I just subscribed to the OCCHE listserv! Thanks, Dr. Balbus. Really looking forward to following and supporting the work of this new office. Here’s the direct link: https://cloud.connect.hhs.gov/oash-ocche
Lexi Shultz
Hi, Dr. Balbus - thanks so much for the presentation! What are some ways that this community can support the office and help you get this critical job done?
Dilip Venugopal
Dr. Balbus, thank you for the work you are doing and this presentation. What is the best way to contact you and others in OASH/OCCHE? Thank you
Ronda Seifert
Thank you, Dr. Balbus. Please know that I appreciate all on this call, including you, who are doing our best to take action.
Lucille Washington
Thank you for a very informative talk, I appreciate your knowledge and passion.
James Crooks
How will disability and neurodiversity be incorporated into the Equity framework?
Catherine O'Donnell
thank you for a great presentation Dr. Balbus!
Peter LaPuma
Thank You Dr B !
Maria DePinto
Thank you!